Food Literacy in the Management of Diabetes: Development of a Mobile Literacy App

Project PN-III-P1-1.1-PD-2016-1805

The people

Diana Tăut (project coordinator)

I am currently a Lecturer at Dept. of Psychology, BBU. My research interests include psychosocial correlates of eating habits and adherence to treatment, as well as the correlates and processes of self-regulation of health behaviors. I have been a member of numerous European projects, including FP7 and, recently Horizon 2020, among which “Temptations to eat moderated by personal and environmental self-regulatory tools (2009-2013) (FP7); Healthy eating and physical activity: increasing access to high quality primary prevention services for children and adolescents in Romania (2009-2011) (Norway Innovation grant) and Health behaviors in shool-aged children are directly related to the present proposal. Between 2016-2018 I won and acted as a research coordinator for a TE research grant, entitled ”The role of social images of food in eating habits (RISA)”. I am affiliated to the European Health Psychology Society since 2008, society in which I served as an Executive Committee member between 2014-2017.

Prof. univ dr. Monica Popa (mentor proiect)

Activity areas:

  • Expertise in Environmental and nutritional hygiene
  • Research in preventive medicine
  • Expertise in planning and coordinating research projects
  • PhD supervision
  • Residency coordinator (Hygiene)